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School Out-Of-A Box Project

Click the link below to learn more about Memnosyne's upcoming "School Out of A Box" program currently being created in collaboration with GreenWorld Restoration LLC, Giordano Bruno University, The Club of Budapest - Americas (COBA), and Club of Budapest International in order to make top quality education available to the poorest regions of the world while introducing environmental innovations to insure the school's sustainability!


Memnosyne is proud to announce its second International Chapter (Israel) in collaboration with Ertz Shalom and Rabbi Schlesinger.

Its first project will be developing Tzomet Junction which is focused upon bringing residents in the Gush Etzion/Bethlehem area who are effectively working for a transition into a better future.

Israel Chapter being Formed

Memnosyne’s Interfaith Service Network is active in the Dallas Fort Worth area with several programs of collaboration dedicated to providing food for the hungry.


Feeding the Hungry

Memnosyne has launched FoodSourceDFW (FSDFW), a web-based portal is a critical catalyst for change, helping to focus widespread conversations and the widely-expressed need to share food and resources to meet the growing needs of hungry people.

FSDFW facilitates improved inter-agency communication, eliminates food and time waste, increases hunger and food waste awareness and available resources such as: food sourcing and surplus distribution, transportation, refrigerated storage and warehouse space.

Memnosyne Foundation has launched the American Indian Elder Wisdom Heritage Project. The project is an educational and cultural preservation project providing hand-held video recorders on loan to Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma tribes for tribal youth to interview their elders about their native culture.


American Indian Elder Wisdom Heritage Project

Construction for Memnosyne Institute’s Cultural Center Project in collaboration with Centro Cultural Consejo Indigena De Teotihuacan serving the Indigenous community in Teotihuacán in Mexico is near completion!

Centro Cultural Consejo Indigena De Teotihuacan Under Construction

Faiths in Conversation


Marriage, Sexuality & Homosexuality

May 19, 2014

7:00 PM

Congregation Beth Totah

720 W Lookout Dr,

Richardson, TX 75080



Thank you Barcel USA & OM Produce  

A very big thank you to Barcel USA and OM Produce for their generous donations last week to FSDFW. We received more than 1,200 pounds of delicious snacks and treats from Barcel USA and more than 6,300 pounds of fresh produce from OM Produce.

Food Source DFW

& The Final Four  Video

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